Silent Scan® Audio Solutions

The benchmark for MRI audio. Noise-free function for all magnets up to 9.4T. Avotec Silent Scan® 3200 and 3300 systems provide:

  • Hearing protection: 30dB NRR with our full coverage and Conformal™ headsets. Conformal™ headset will fit in any coil / any head
  • Communication: Crystal-clear, two-way communication with built-in patient-activated alarm
  • Music: True frequency-balanced sound for a variety of audio inputs
  • Small console: Built-in radio, microphone, and speakers. No bulky stereo system
  • Warranty: Three-year parts and labor warranty

Silent Scan® 3300 includes calibrated graphic equalizer for fMRI audio stimulus.

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Silent Scan® Technical Specifications + Components


  • Communication console with gooseneck microphone and integrated with AM/FM radio
  • AC power supply with power cord
  • Audio transducer with mounting bracket
  • Full coverage, stethoscopic headset and conformal headset
  • Sample tips and disposable sanitary headset covers
  • DC power/signal cabling between console and transducer
  • RF filter for penetration panel connection
  • Stereo patch cords
  • Scan-Lock™ Plus tubing assembly
  • Patient alarm bulb and mounting bracket

Graphic Equalizer included with Silent Scan® 3300

Technical Specifications

Electrical: AC transformer 110VAC (50-60Hz) /220VAC (50Hz); fused FST 1A (115VAC) / FST 0.5A (220VAC).

Audio: Frequency response (typical): Flat response (+/-) 4dB 200-4500Hz; time delay 9ms (nominal), non-dispersive acoustic propagation (constant phase delay).


  • CE Mark
  • FDA Registered Manufacturer
  • 510(K)Clearance

Cabling/filtering: DC power/signal cables (4- shielded twisted pairs) in two sections (console to pen panel, and pen panel to transducer); RF filter, 9-pin sub-D; IEC power cord, plug type is site-specific, 3-wire grounded, 6 feet (nominal).

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