Trouble with tight head coils? Try our low-profile Conformal Headset™!

  • Conformal™ ear tips are completely flexible
  • Conformal™ ear tips fit easily into the ear canal
  • Conformal™ ear tips do not stick out past the patient’s ears
  • Conformal™ ear tips do not have a rigid port in the ear tip
  • Conformal™ ear tips can be used for all patients in any headcoil

Conformal Headset™ and replacement ear insets are sold under license to US patent RE 43,595 CI.

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Full Coverage Headset

  • Offers the highest level of hearing protection
  • Fits most head coils
  • Disposable Sanitary Covers protect the ear muffs, and should be discarded after each use
  • Sloping face of the connector contains the patient microphone and faces outward for clear communication
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Stethoscopic Headset

  • Low profile headset
  • Solutions for very confining applications such as a C-spine coil
  • Fits most head coils
  • Disposable rubber ear tips push onto each arm of the Stethoscopic Headset
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Give Your Patients the Comfort of an Avotec Headset

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