Enhancing MRI Experiences with Avotec's Silent Scan Console SS-3200

Are you looking to improve throughput and ensure patient comfort during MRI procedures? Avotec presents the Silent Scan Console SS-3200, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the MRI experience.

Key Features of the Silent Scan Console SS-3200:

  1. Powerful Control:Manage the system's power effortlessly for seamless operation.

  2. Patient Voice Volume:Adjust the voice volume to ensure clear communication with the patient.

  3. Communication to Patient:Facilitate smooth communication during the MRI process.

  4. Patient Alarm Reset:Quickly reset alarms to maintain a controlled environment.

  5. Music Source Selection:Enhance patient comfort by allowing them to choose their preferred music source.

  6. Music Level:Fine-tune the music level for a personalized experience.

  7. AM FM Radio:Provide additional entertainment options with the built-in radio.

Ideal for Hospitals, Universities, and Clinics:

Avotec's Silent Scan Console SS-3200 is tailored to meet the unique needs of hospitals, universities, and clinics. The console is a game-changer in the MRI field, offering precise control and a plethora of features to enhance patient care.

Avotec's Commitment to Patient Comfort:

For over 30 years, Avotec has been a trusted name in the MRI industry, delivering high-quality products and custom solutions. Our MRI accessories prioritize patient safety and well-being, reducing rescans and alleviating anxieties associated with MRI procedures.

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Explore the Silent Scan Console SS-3200 and discover how it can elevate your MRI capabilities

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